Coat of Many Colors by Dolly Parton

Coat of Many Colors is a song by Dolly Parton, released in 1971. This page provides information about the song and links to the lyrics and the official video.

Coat of Many Colors by Dolly Parton


Beginner and intermediate students.

Facts about the song

  • Song: Coat of Many Colors
  • Album:Coat of Many Colors
  • Date of release: October 30, 1971
  • Genre: Country
  • Writer: Dolly Parton
  • Produced by : Bob Ferguson

Interesting information about the song

Dolly Parton has described the song as her favorite song she has ever written. She composed the song in 1969, while traveling with Porter Wagoner on a tour bus. She explained in her 1994 memoir, My Life and Other Unfinished Business, because she could find no paper, as the song came to her, she wrote it on the back of a dry cleaning receipt from one of Wagoner's suits; when the song became a hit, Wagoner had the receipt framed.

The song tells about the poverty of Dolly Parton's childhood. Her mother stitched together a coat for her out of rags given to the family. The excited child, "with patches on my britches and holes in both my shoes", rushed to school, "just to find the others laughing and making fun of me" for wearing a coat made of rags.

The video

Official Music Video

The lyrics

Full lyrics of this song

Language points

The song includes many examples of the past simple. Here are some expressions that may be useful to students:

  • My Momma Put the Rags to Use
  • There Were Rags of Many Colors
  • Every Piece Was Small
  • And I Didn't Have a Coat
  • And It Was Way Down in the Fall
  • Momma Sewed the Rags Together
  • She Made My Coat of Many Colors
  • That I Was So Proud Of
  • As She Sewed, She Told a Story
  • About a Coat of Many Colors Joseph Wore and Then She Said

Source: Wikipedia

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