Listening - Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games

Watch this video and do the quiz below!

The video

Do the following quiz:


  1. Where will the games take place?
    a. At the beach
    b. In different parts of Rio
    c. At Copacabana
  2. How will people commute from one place to the next?
    a. by bus.
    b. by car.
    c. by train.
  3. In what neighborhood will the Olympic village be?
    a. Recreio
    b. Ipanema
    c. Barra
  4. What will be near the Olympic village?
    a. A hospital
    b. A cinema
    c. The media village
  5. What will the athletes benefit from in exclusivity?
    a. A beach
    b. A taxi
    c. A pool
  6. What percent of the games will be hosted In "Rua Carioca Entertainment Boulevard?
    a. nearly 20 %
    b. nearly 50 %
    c. nearly 80 %
  7. How many games will be hosted in the Olympic park?
    a. 9 Olympic + 11 Para-Olympic games
    b. 10 Olympic + 11 Para-Olympic games
    c. 10 Olympic + 10 Para-Olympic games
  8. When were the Rio Panamerican games?
    a. 2005
    b. 2007
    c. 2008
  9. How many sports can be practiced at the Olympic Training Center?
    a. 12
    b. 19
    c. 22
  10. The sport that will take place at Copacabana sand is:
    a. race walking
    b. beach volleyball
    c. cycling