Answers - Global English Test N° 5

Key answers to global English test N°5:

These are key answers to global English test N°5


1. Answer these questions from the text: (3pts)

a. Emily phoned her father who was in Tokyo and the a helicopter came to rescue them.
b. Because of huge waves.
c. 6,00 miles.

2. Find in the text words or expressions which mean the same as: (3pts)

a.dighy:(n) small sailing boat
b.capsized:(v) turned over in the water opposite of danger.

3. What do the underlined words refer to? (2pts)

a. they: Ken and Emily   b. it: mobile

4. Fill in each column in the chart below with one linking expression from the text:(2points)

Sequencing adverb
because of


1. Fill in each blank with one word from the list: (2pts)

a. graduates
c. labour
d. backgrounds
e. sighted

2. What would you say in the following situations? (2pts)

a.Can you helpm me with maths, please?
b. I'm sorry sir I don't quite follow you. Could you be more explicit?

3. Put the verbs in brackets in the correct form: (2pts)

a. going
d. had been listening
c. to solve
d. had dialled

4. Join each pair of sentences using the words given: (2pts)

a. Although Jo trains regularly, he is too fat.
b. In spite of her nice nature, she doesn't get on well with her husband./ In spite of the fact that she is nice, she...

5. Make compound adjectives that match the definitions below: 2pts)

a. a kind-heatrted person
b. a time-consuming exercise

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