Answers - Global English Test N° 4

Key answers to global English test N°1:

These are key answers to global English test N°4


A. Answer these questions: (6 pts)

1. The traditional method is to live with a host family and attend a language school every day. however, the new method is to live and learn in an English teacher’s home.
2. because the student is exposed to English from morning to night.
3. No, they are unlikely to speak their mother tongue for the duration of the course.

B. Pick out from the text the expressions which show that: (3 pts)

1. True = "Most homestay teachers are aged between 40 and 60"
2. True = "In spite of their higher cost, homestay courses are attractive to wide range of clients "
3. False = "homestay courses are attractive to wide range of clients, including business professionals, children and retired people.

D. What do the underlined words in the text refer to? (1points)

1 – which (line 12):the fact that they know each other. 

2 – their (line 18): people with disabilities

E. Find in the text words or expressions which mean the same as: (2pts)

1 – Understanding (paragraph 2):insight

2 – Experienced (paragraph 5): skilled

II - LANGUAGE: (10 points)

A. Re-write these sentences beginning as suggested. (4pts)

1. he was chosen representative of the school in the national competition.
2. If I had had enough money on me at that time, I would have bought all the necessary things.
3. The coach revealed that they had been training hard to qualify for the following round.
4. In spite of his old age, he is keen ondail exercise./In spite of the fact that he is old,he....

B. Put the verbs in brackets in the correct form. (1.5pts)

1. they hadn't joined
2. will have recieved
3. getting

C. Fill in each blank with one word/expression from the list below: (1.5pts)

1. whose
2. Neverthless
3. thanks to

D. Fill in each blank with a suitable word. The first letter is given to help you. (2pts)

1. access
2. status
4. illiteracy

E. What would you say in the following situations? (1pt)

Your friend damaged your CD player. Complete the exchange expressing complaint and apology.
You:I'm angry about you because you damaged my CD player
Your friend:I'm sorry, I promise to buy you a new one.

(any appropriate expression of complaint and apology is accepted)

III – WRITING: (15 points)

These are just guiding suggestions which you ought to develop further.

Introduction Show how happy/sad you were when you first went to school
Who took you to schhol?
Did you go on foot/by car...?
Body Describe the way to scool. Was it a long way from home?...
Describe the school & your feeling as you get nearer.
Describe the court yard, the schoolmates...(crowded, noisy...)
Describe the classroom (clean, dirty, big, ...)
What about the teacher? was s/he nice, nasty, authoritative...?
Conclusion Give your impression about that vey first day at school.
Feeling ...that you would like to share with the reader (it was, I felt..., it was ... experienced.)

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