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School assignment

One day, after school was over, a teacher walked up to one of her students. For a school assignment she asked him to find four phrases,write them down then give them back to her the next day.

So, the student reached home and asked his mom if she had a phrase.

"Shut up!!!", exclaimed the mom.

Next, the student went to his brother and asked if he had a phrase.

"Bada bada BATMAN!!!", laughed the brother.

Next, the student went to the neighborhood janitor and asked if he had a phrase.

"Garbage, garbage, garbage, nothing but garbage all day long!", complained the janitor.

Finally for his final phrase the student asked the town baker if he had a phrase.

"My buns are burning, my buns are burning!", shouted the baker.

The next day at school the student waltzed up to his teacher's desk

"Do you have your four phrases", asked the Teacher?

"Shut up!", shouted the student.

The teacher feeling very hurt asked,
"Who do you think you are!?"

"Bada bada BATMAN", laughed the student.

"What are you getting out of all this school?", asked the teacher.

"Garbage, garbage, garbage, nothing but garbage all day long!"

Then the teacher spanked the student and he went around yelling "MY BUNS ARE BURNING MY BUNS ARE BURNING!"
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