Used to, be used to, get used to

Used to

Used to shows that:

  • a particular thing always happened or was true in the past.
  • But it no longer happens or is no longer true now:


  • David used to live in Madrid.
  • She used to exercise every morning, but since she had that terrible accident she doesn't exercise anymore.
  • Why don't you come and see me like you used to?

Forms of used to

Here are the interrogative, affirmative and negative forms of used to

  • Did you use to exercise regularly?
  • Yes, I used to go jogging nearly everyday.
  • No, I didn't use to exercise on a regular basis.

Used to, be used to, get used to

1.Used to shows that a particular thing always happened or was true in the past (see examples above)

2.Be used to is used to say that something is normal, not unusual.


  • I'm used to living alone.
  • Don't worry, John is used to driving for long hours. He has worked as a professional driver for 20 years.

3.Get used shows that something is in the process of becoming normal.


  • He doesn't like that small town, but he'll get used to it.
  • She found the heels too high, but she got used to them.
  • Since the divorce, she has become very sad. But I think she'll get used to her new life.
  • I got used to living in Canada in spite of the cold weather.

4. Get used to and be used to are followed by either a noun or a gerund.

Get used to + noun Get used to + gerund (verb+ing)
I got used to the noise
I'm used to the cold weather
I got used to waking up early
I'm used to working late at night

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