Transitive and Intransitive Verbs

Transitive verbs

Transitive verbs are verbs that require one or more objects.


  • She cut the cake.
  • They climbed the mountain.
  • He gave her a flower.

The verbs cut, climbed, and gave have objects.

Transitive verbs Objects
cut the cake
climbed the mountain
gave her and a flower

Transitive verbs can be categorized into two types: monotransitive and ditransitive:

  1. Monotransitive verbs are verbs that require exactly one object.
    He wrote a poem
  2. Ditransitive verbs are verbs that may require two objects, a direct object and an indirect object.
    She offered him (first object) her car (second object).

Intransitive verbs

By contrast, intransitive verbs do not require an object.


  • They run.
  • He died.
  • She slept.
  • It snows.

The verbs run, died, slept and snows have no objects. They are intransitive.

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