Possessive Adjectives

possessive adjectives

What are possessive adjectives?

Possessive adjectives - my, your, his, her, its, our, your, their - modify the noun following it in order to show possession.


  • I'll get my bag.
  • Is this your luggage?

Possessive adjectives are often confused with possessive pronouns.


  • Your bike is blue. (your is an adjective which modifies bike)
  • Mine is yellow. (mine is a pronoun which functions as the subject of the verb is)


Subject Pronouns I you he she it we you they
Possessive Adjectives my your his her its our your their


  • Why didn't you clean your room?
    (your modifies the noun room)
  • Mary doesn't like her dress.
    (her modifies the noun dress)
  • The chameleon can change its color.
    (its modifies the noun color)

long hair short hair
Her hair is long.His hair is short

Things to remember:

1. Possessive adjectives are different from possessive pronouns.

  • This is your (possessive adjective) book and this is mine (possessive pronoun).

2. its, their are possessive adjectives.

  • Its color is beautiful.
  • Their car is in their garage.

3. it's, they're and there are not possessive adjectives — its is a contraction of it is or it has; they're is a contraction of they are; there is an adverb of place.

  • It's not my book = It is not my book.
  • My house is big. It's got five bedrooms = It has got five bedrooms.
  • Nancy and Alan are from New York. They're my friends = They are my friends.
  • Please, put the chair there. (adverb)

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Personal pronouns Possessive adjectives Possessive pronouns Reflexive pronouns Object pronouns
I my mine myself me
you your yours yourself you
he his his himself him
she her hers herself her
it its its itself it
we our ours ourselves us
you your yours yourselves you
they their theirs themselves them

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