Phrasal verbs - Meaning of liven up

Phrasal verbs

What does liven up mean?

Here is the meaning of liven up with examples:

"liven up"


To cause a situation, a person or an event to become more animated, exciting and less dull.

Note: A noun or pronoun can be inserted between "liven" and "up."


Check the phrasal verb liven up in a sentence:

She is so funny. I am sure if you invite her, she will liven up the party.

The room is so dull. Why don't we add another color to liven it up a little bit?

The new furniture livened the office up.

I guess we should liven up the crowd. Why don't we play a piece of lively music?

She decided to decorate the room to liven it up.

Meeting her friends livens her up.

"He wanted to liven her up, keep her from being bored. His kindness touched her." From The Loner's Guarded Heart By Michelle Douglas

What does liven up mean?

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