Participle Adjectives / Participial adjectives


A participle is a word that may function as a verb or as adjective. It can be used in verb tenses or as a modifier.

Present participle

The present participle ends in -ing form.


  • playing
  • visiting
  • working

Past participle

The past participle ends in -ed if it is a regular verb. However it may end differently if it is irregular. See the list of irregular verbs.


  • painted
  • deceived
  • burnt

Adjectival participle

Adjectival participles are used like adjectives. They are derived from verbs and contrast with verbal participles, which are considered to be forms of verbs rather than adjectives.


  • a very frightening experience.
  • a very interesting book.
  • a working mother
  • a nicely written article.
  • a completely burnt house.
  • a newly painted room.

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