English prepositions

English prepositions

Generally speaking one can devide prepositions into three categories:

The following table includes the third category of prepositions. These are prepositions of neither place nor time.


Other Prepositions

Preposition Explanation Example
  • used to show the origin of something or someone
  • used to show the material of which something is made
  • used to show a change in the state of someone or something
  • "Where are you from?" "I'm from Italy."
  • The desk is made from pine.
  • Things went from bad to worse.
  • used to show possession, belonging or origin
  • used after words or phrases expressing amount, number or particular unit
  • a friend of mine
  • a kilo of apples
  • used to show the person or thing that does something:
  • I'm reading some short stories (written) by Chekhov.
  • used for showing some methods of travelling
  • entering a public transport vehicle
  • It'd be quicker to get there on foot / on horse
  • get on the train
  • entering a car  / Taxi
  • She got in the car and drove fast.
  • leaving a public transport vehicle
  • She got off the bus
out of
  • leaving a closed vehicle, building...
  • She got out of the car
  • used to show measurements or amounts
  • travelling (other than walking or horseriding)
  • Their wages were increased by 12%.
  • She went by car, by bus, by train
  • age
  • In theory, women can still have children at the age of 50.
  • on the subject of; connected with
  • What's that book about?

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