The past simple and the past participle of cast

Conjugation of the verb cast:

Base Form/Infinitive without 'to':


Past Simple:


Past Partciple:


Present Partciple:


Third Person Singular:



1. To cause (light or shadow) to appear on a surface.
2. To choose an actor or actress to act a particular role in a play or film.
3. To cause people to be unsure about something.
4. To register a vote.


1. The slowly rising sun cast its light over the ocean.
2. He was cast as a serial killer in a movie directed by Jonathan Demme.
3. Journalists cast doubt on the president's plan to rescue the economy.
4. Almost 1.7 million votes have been cast already in Minnesota, the state's top election official said Sunday.

Similar verbs

The irregular verbs in the table below have the same pattern as cast. They are:

- Verbs with similar forms in the infinitive, past simple, and past participle.
- Verbs like 'set, set, set'.

Verb Simple past Past Participle
beset beset beset
bet bet bet
broadcast broadcast broadcast
burst burst burst
bust bust/busted bust/busted
cast cast cast
cost cost cost
cut cut cut
fit fit fit
forcast forcast forcast
hit hit hit
hurt hurt hurt
input input/inputted input/inputted
knit knit/knitted knit/knitted
let let let
put put put
quit quit quit
read read read
set set set
shed shed shed
shut shut shut
slit slit slit
spit spat/spit spat/spit
split split split
spread spread spread
sublet sublet sublet
thrust thrust thrust
undercut undercut undercut
upset upset upset