The past simple and the past participle of babysit

Conjugation of the verb babysit:

Base Form/Infinitive without 'to':


Past Simple:


Past Partciple:


Present Partciple:


Third Person Singular:



If you babysit someone's children, you look after them while they are out, often for money.


She is babysitting for a young couple, who are going out tonight.
If they want to attend the show, they have to find someone to babysit their children.

Similar verbs

The irregular verbs in the table below have the same pattern as babysit. They are:

- Verbs with the same past simple and past participle forms.
- Verbs like 'sit, sat, sat'.

Verb Simple past Past Participle
abide abode/abided abode/abided/(rare) abidden
alight alit/alighted alit/alighted
babysit babysat babysat
behold beheld beheld
bend bent bent
bind bound bound
bleed bled bled
breed bred bred
bring brought brought
build built built
burn burnt/burned burnt/burned
buy bought bought
catch caught caught
clothe clad/clothed clad/clothed
creep crept crept
deal dealt dealt
dive dove/dived dove/dived
dream dreamt/dreamed dreamt/dreamed
dwell dwelt/dwelled dwelt/dwelled
feed fed fed
feel felt felt
fight fought fought
find found found
flee fled fled
foretell foretold foretold
have had had
hear heard heard
hold held held
keep kept kept
kneel knelt/ kneeled knelt/ kneeled
lay lain lain
lead led led
lean lent/leaned lent/leaned
leap leapt/leaped leapt/leaped
learn learnt/learned learnt/learned
leave left left
lend lent lent
light lighted/lit lighted/lit
lose lost lost
make made made
mean meant meant
meet met met
mislead misled misled
misspell misspelt/misspelled misspelt/misspelled
misunderstand misunderstood misunderstood
pay paid paid
rid rid/ridded rid/ridded
say said said
seek sought sought
sell sold sold
send sent sent
shine shone shone
shoe shod/shoed shod/shoed
shoot shot shot
sit sat sat
sleep slept slept
slide slid slid
smell smelt/smelled smelt/smelled
speed sped/speeded sped/speeded
spell spelt spelt
spend spent spent
spill spilt/spilled spilt/spilled
spoil spoilt/spoiled spoilt/spoiled
stand stood stood
strip stript/stripped stript/stripped
sweep swept swept
teach taught taught
tell told told
think thought thought
unbind unbound unbound
understand understood understood
unwind unwound unwound
win won won
wind wound wound
withhold withheld withheld
withstand withstood withstood