What are interjections?

In grammar, an interjection is a part of speech or (a lexical category) which is used to show a short sudden expression of emotion. Examples of common interjections in English are hi and hey.

Using interjections

Interjections are rarely used in academic or formal writing. They are, however, common in fiction or artistic writing.

Interjections are often used with exclamation mark.

Examples of interjections

This is a list of some English interjections:

  • Ah - Ah, what a delicious meal!
  • Aha - Aha, now I see what you mean!
  • Alas - I love football but, alas, I have no talent as a player.
  • Eh - Eh? Say it again - I wasn't listening.
  • Er - "Is he handsome?" " Er, well - he's got a nice friendly sort of face though he's not exactly handsome."
  • Hello - Hello, Paul. I haven't seen you for ages.
  • Hey - Hey! What are you doing with my car?
  • Hi - Hi, there!
  • Hmm - "He says he's doing it for our benefit." " Hmm, I'm still not convinced."
  • Oh - Is that for me? Oh, you're so kind!
  • Well - Well, what shall we do now?

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