Conditional Simple

Conditional simple is a form used to refer to a hypothetical state of affairs, or an uncertain event that is contingent on another set of circumstances. It is formed as follows:

Would + Verb

The modal 'would' can be replaced with could, might and should:

  • could do
  • might do
  • should do



I would travel around the world.


Would you buy a castle?


I wouldn't stay here.


The onditional simple tense is used when talking about an imaginary or hypothetical action. It is generally used in conditional sentence type II. For example:

  • If I had enough money, I would buy a new laptop. (In fact, I don't have the amount of money to buy the laptop now.)

The conditional sentence type II structure is as follows:

If + simple past..., + conditional simple (would + verb)
Conditional simple (would + verb) + if + Simple past

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