Conditional Progressive

The conditional progressive refers to an imaginary or hypothetical situation that puts emphasis on the course of action.


    Would + be + present participle (verb + ing)

NOTE: present participle = verb + ing (e.g. playing, writing, driving...)

The modal 'would' can be replaced with could, might and should:

  • could be doing
  • might be doing
  • should be doing


I would be traveling around the world


Would you be watching the match?


I wouldn't be sleeping all day long?


  • Conditional progressive is used for imaginary situations that might take place if the present circulmstances were different.
  • It puts emphasis on the course of an action.
  • It is used in the main clause of conditional sentences type II.


  • If he had a lot of money, he would be traveling around the world.
  • If I were free, I would be watching the movie.
  • If the music were better, everybody would be dancing.
  • I would be having a good time if I met my friends.

The conditional sentences type II structure is as follows:

If + simple past..., + conditional progressive (would + verb + ing)
Conditional progressive (would + verb + ing) + if + Simple past