What is the difference between as well as and and?

What do as well as and and mean?

The difference between as well as and and

As well as and and are often used as synonyms, which is a mistake. Although they both express addition, they are used differently.

As well as vs and

Using as well as and and interchangeably is a common mistake. Although they may take the same position in a sentence, they are different.

1. And suggests that all the words, clauses, or phrases it combines are of equal importance:

  • Paul, Nancy, and Jane want to go to Paris. (All of them equally want the same thing)

2. As well as puts emphasis on the words that precede it.

  • We have a responsibility to our nation as well as to our families.

As well as in this sentence gives more importance to to our nation than to our families.

In this sense, as well as is used in the same way as not only... but also.

  • We have a responsibility not only to our families but also to our nation.

3. Grammatically, and usually makes the verb of a sentence plural.

  • Paul, Nancy, and Jane want to go to Paris.
  • Leila and Alan need to find a job

4. With as well as the subject may not be necessarily plural. The verb must agree with the noun preceding it.

  • Paul, as well as Nancy, wants to go Paris.
  • Leila, as well as Alan, needs to find a job as soon as possible.

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