What are adjectives?

1. An adjective is a word which modifies a noun or a pronoun. In the example below:

He's got a beautiful car

beautiful is an adjective modifying car (it gives more information about the noun car.)

2. Adjectives may come before a noun

He found a nice job

3. Adjectives may also come after certain verbs like be, feel, seem, look:

He is intelligent
I feel happy
She seems unhappy
They look fantastic

Adjectives versus adverbs

A distinction must be made between adjectives and adverbs.

1. An adjective modifies a noun or a pronoun.

She lives in a big house.

2. An adverb modifies a verb, an adjective or another adverb.

She sings well
Her house is very big
She did it really well

Comparatives and superlatives

Adjectives can be used for comparison:

New York is bigger than Paris.
This is the nicest student in the class.

Other noun modifiers

There are other noun modifiers which function very much like adjectives:

1. Nouns can function as adjectives. A noun can help describe an object.

A business meeting

2. Past participle can also be used to modify a noun

He was exhausted
The hidden secret

3. Compound adjectives are used to modify nouns. They are called compound because they are made up of two or more words, usually with hyphens between them.

A heart-breaking news
An English-speaking country .

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