Exercises: Reflexive Pronouns 2

Do the exercise below on reflexive pronouns and click on the button to check your answers.

(Before doing the exercises you may want to read the lesson on reflexive pronouns )

Choose the correct reflexive pronouns:

myself - yourself - himself - herself - itself - ourselves - yourselves - themselves
  1. Don't worry! He can do it .
  2. Don't be so selfish! You think only about .
  3. Please, John, make feel at home.
  4. She hurt while doing the housework.
  5. I told him about the sad news .
  6. Good news! The horse came back home by itself by .
  7. Did the two of you do this job by ?
  8. Do we live for or for our loved ones?
  9. The children can look after .
  10. Leila, please, help to the cookies!

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