Grammar Exercise - Present Simple or Present Continuous

Do the exercises below on the present simple and the present continuous tenses and click on the button to check your answers.

(Before doing the exercises you may want to read the lesson about the present simple, the present continuous, and the present continuous for future plans)

Choose the correct answer (simple present or present continuous)

  1. Joe at the moment. He has been working all night long.
  2. He fast because he's late for work.
  3. What time in this area?
  4. Mom is in the kitchen . She dinner.
  5. Most employees in this company at leat two languages.
  6. She is in good shape. She always to the gym early in the morning..
  7. He never up late. Tonight is an exception. He is invited to his best friend's wedding party.
  8. Barbara is busy these days. She a new business.
  9. What tonight? Why don't you come with us to the concert?
  10. Today I a raincoat because it's unusually cold and rainy.
  11. Take your umbrella. It heavily today.
  12. Look at James ! He with a beautiful girl. Who is she?
  13. I don't like fish. It me feel sick?
  14. What time tomorrow?
  15. She rarely coffee. She tea.
  16. He regularly TV in the evening.
  17. Please be quiet. I to help your brother to do his homework.
  18. She her parents whenever she is in trouble.
  19. We are not available today. We our coach.

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