Grammar Exercises - Possessive Adjectives.

Do the exercises below on possessive adjectives and click on the button to check your answers.

(Before doing the exercises you may want to read the lesson on possessive adjectives)

Replace the personal pronouns with possessive adjectives:

  1. Where is (I) book?
  2. Here is (we) teacher.
  3. She goes to school with (she) brother.
  4. (They) father works in a car factory.
  5. (You) laptop is very expensive.
  6. (He) favorite hobby is tennis.
  7. (I) husband and I want to go to Paris.
  8. We want to see (it) historical monuments.
  9. Leila likes (she) dog!
  10. (It) name is Bobby.

Choose the right possessive adjective:

  1. Two students didn't do mathematics homework.
  2. I have a car. color is black.
  3. We have a dog. name is Pancho.
  4. Nancy is from England. husband is from Australia.
  5. Ann and Nadia go to a high school. little brother goes to a primary school.
  6. Alan has a van. van is very old.
  7. We go to a high school. high school is fantastic.
  8. I like singing. mother sings with me.
  9. François and Alain are French. family is from France.
  10. Mary likes grandmother. She often visits her.

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