Phrasal Verbs Exercise (Phrasal verbs with up and down)

Do the following exercise on phrasal verbs with up and down and click on the button to check your answers.

(Before doing the exercises you may want to read the lesson about phrasal verbs)

Phrasal verbs with up and down

Choose the right particle (up or down)

  1. Please, slow . Why are you driving so fast?
  2. I think you should give smoking.
  3. It is not surprising that she is a champion now. She took tennis at the age of ten.
  4. The victims felt that the justice system has let them .
  5. Can you pick me at the airport at six o'clock?
  6. Please, write your email address next to your name.
  7. You have to tidy your room.
  8. I'm too tired to put with any nonsense.
  9. Please, turn the music. I can't concentrate on my work.
  10. Things seemed to be looking at last.

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