Grammar Exercises - Past Continuous / Progressive

Do the exercises below on the past continuous and click on the button to check your answers.

(Before doing the exercises you may want to read the lesson on the past continuous)

Put the verbs into the correct form (past progressive).

  1. When I phoned my friends, they (play) monopoly.
  2. Yesterday at six I (prepare) dinner.
  3. The kids (play) in the garden when it suddenly began to rain.
  4. I (practice) the guitar when he came home.
  5. We (not / cycle) all day.
  6. While Alan (work) in his room, his friends (swim) in the pool.
  7. I tried to tell them the truth but they (not / listen ) .
  8. What (you / do) yesterday?
  9. Most of the time we (sit) in the park.
  10. I (listen) to the radio while my sister (watch) TV.
  11. When I arrived, They (play) cards.
  12. We (study) English yesterday at 4:00 pm .

Write correct sentences:

Yesterday at 6 pm your family were doing different things. Write positive sentences in past progressive.

  1. My mother / read / a novel
  2. My father / watch / a movie
  3. My elder sister / writing / in her diary
  4. My two brothers / listen / to the radio
  5. My little sister and I / not / watch / a movie
  6. We / talk / about school


Before submitting the test, check the following:

  • Punctuation and capitalization
  • Spelling
  • Spaces (don't add any unnecessary spaces)

Such mistakes would cost you valuable points. Good luck!

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