Grammar Exercise - Object Pronouns

Do the exercise on object pronouns and click on the answer button to check your answers

(Before doing the exercises you may want to read the lesson on object pronouns )

Choose the right pronoun

  1. "Is he marrying Leila?"
    "Yes, he is in love with !"

  2. "Your son is making a lot of noise!"
    "I'll ask to be quiet."

  3. "Please will you ask Robert to come in."
    "Sorry, I don't know ."

  4. "Where are my glasses?"
    "You are wearing !"

  5. "Do you like apples?"
    "I love !"

  6. "Why is he always talking about Liza?"
    "He obviously likes !"

  7. "Where is my book? Oh, dear! I've lost !"

  8. "Is that Nancy's new boyfriend?"
    "Don't ask me, ask !"

  9. "What is the title of that article?"
    "I'm afraid I can't remember ."

  10. "Look at John! He seems so happy?"
    "His friends offered a guitar for his birthday!"

  11. "What are you going to do with those old papers?"
    "I'm going to recycle ."

  12. "Let's see the latest Spielberg movie!"
    "I have already seen !"

  13. "How are your kids? I haven't met for ages!"

  14. "Have you met Alan and Tim?"
    "No, I have never met ."

  15. "Do you want this book?"
    "Well, take ."

  16. "My mother is fantastic! I like very much."

  17. "Don't help me with this exercise! I can do by myself."

  18. "This fruit is poisoned! Don't eat ."

  19. "Take the children to bed. Don't let watch this movie. "

  20. "Why is she helping John?"
    "She probably loves ."

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