Grammar Exercises - If only / I wish ...

Do the exercises and click on the button to check your answers.

Decide whether these statements express a "wish" or a "regret":

  1. I wish I could fly.
  2. If only she had seen the doctor earlier. He could have saved her.
  3. If only I traveled to New York.
  4. I wish I were a doctor.

Choose the correct answer:

  1. Alice didn't get a good grade. She wishes she (work) harder.
  2. Tom likes football very much. He wishes he (become) a professional football player.
  3. He was running very fast when he had a heart attack. If only he (not/run) so fast.
  4. She's keen on computers. She wishes she (study) computer science next school year.
  5. I am sorry I don’t know how to use the computer. If only I (know) how to use it.
  6. I stayed late at work and missed the last bus. I wish I (stay) at work late

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