Grammar Exercise - Wish and regret

Do the exercises below on wish and regret then click on the button to check your answers.

(Before doing the exercises you may want to read the lesson on wish and regret )

Choose the correct preposition

  1. I wish I to him yesterday.
  2. I need help badly. If only you help me.
  3. My old car often breaks down. I wish I a new car.
  4. He didn't pass the exam. If only he hard.
  5. She was absent. I wish she the conference.
  6. What a beautiful house! I wish I a house like this one.
  7. I wish I rich. I would buy a farm and enjoy the calm of the countryside.
  8. They had that bad accident because they were careless. If only they more careful.
  9. We saw the film. I wish you it with us. It was an amazing evening.
  10. I like traveling around the world. If only I time to realize my dream.

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