Grammar Exercise - Will or Going to

Do the exercise below on will or going to and click on the button to check your answers.

(Before doing the exercises you may want to read the lessons on the future simple and future plan )

Choose the correct answer

  1. A: Did you buy bread?
    B: Oh, no! I forgot to buy it.I to buy some.
  2. A: Why have you put on your coat?
    B: I dog out.
  3. If I meet him, I him the good news.
  4. The phone is ringing. I it.
  5. I've bought a new book. Tonight I at home and start reading it.
  6. What to her children if she doesn't find a job?
  7. I am not free tomorrow. I the doctor?
  8. I am so tired. I need some rest. I think I a week off.
  9. A: Coffee or tea?
    B: I coffee, please.
  10. A: Where are you going?
    B: I some shopping.

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