Grammar Exercise - Direct and Indirect Object

Do the exercise below on Direct and Indirect Object and click on the button to check your answers.

(Before doing the exercises you may want to read the lesson on Direct and Indirect Object )

Decide whether the words in bold are direct objects or indirect objects

  1. I owe you an apology .
  2. He played soccer with his friends yesterday.
  3. I wish you happiness .
  4. I always lend him money, but he never pays me back.
  5. Show me your photo album .
  6. Will you give me the book ?
  7. The teacher gave us a lot of homework.
  8. They ate chicken for dinner.
  9. He bought her a nice necklace .
  10. I sent them an email .
  11. They offered me a job .
  12. The student asked the teacher a lot of questions .
  13. He wrote the book when he was in Spain.
  14. They watched the movie together.

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