Grammar Exercise | Already, Since, For, Yet, Just

Do the exercise below and click on the button to check your answers.

(Before doing the exercise you may want to read the lesson about the present percect with already, since, for, yet and just )

Choose the correct answer: aleardy, since, for, yet, or just

  1. A: I have seen this movie twice. I like it.
    B: Yes, they say it's an interesting story, but I haven't seen it .
  2. A: I haven't seen John Sunday. He just disappeared.
    B: I have met him at the hospital. I was there a few moments ago. He hasn't been feeling well the farewell party we had on Saturday.
  3. Alan and Pamella have been married twelve years.
  4. They have lived in the same house they got married.
  5. I haven't told anyone about my decision. Please, keep it secret.
  6. I am worried about my son. He hasn't come home .
  7. My brother bought a house last month, but he hasn't renovated it .

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