Grammar Exercise - Adjetives or Adverbs

Do the exercise below on adjectives or adverbs and click on the button to check your answers

(Before doing the exercise you may want to see the lesson on adverbs and position of adverbs)

Write down the correct form of the words in brackets (adjectives or adverbs).

  1. Liza is (quick) . She walks .
  2. Nancy is a (careless) girl. She drives her car .
  3. The man is (nice) . He behaves .
  4. He was (bad) injured. He had a accident.
  5. They can do the maths problems (easy) . They think maths is an school subject.
  6. Marie is a (good) writer. She writes .
  7. It's a (beautiful) drawn picture. it looks .
  8. Drivers must drive (slow) in this road. It is a (dangerous) road?
  9. She smiled (happy) . She had a face.
  10. I did the homework (complete) by myself. I'm an (autonomous) student.


Before submitting the test, check the following:

  • Punctuation and capitalization
  • Spelling
  • Spaces (don't add any unnecessary spaces)

Such mistakes would cost you valuable points. Good luck!

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