Global English TEST N°9

Global English test N°9

Sale-Rabat tramway on time for January departure
Engineers of Morocco's long awaited Sale-Rabat tramway began conducting test runs for the trains Tuesday March 30th.

Morocco's first-ever tramway will be up and running by January 2011, said Essakel Mghari, of the Bouregreg Valley development agency, during a March 30th press conference. The agency oversees the construction of the 3.8 billion dirham project, which took three years to build. The first tram from France arrived in Morocco March 13th. Test runs will begin in the neighbourhood of Karima in Salè to ensure trains are compatible with the mobile machinery and land lines. Tests will also be conducted on the starting, braking and speed systems. "The phase that started today is a testing phase that will keep going until the end of this year," said Mghari. "During this time, we will examine the infrastructure, as well as the train…in order to ensure the safety of the equipment."

Each tram is equipped with 118 seats and can carry up to 580 passengers per trip. They will carry an estimated 180,000 passengers between Rabat and Sale each day. The remainder of the trams will be shipped by the end of 2010. Moroccans are eager to ride the new transport link when it opens.

"The project will reduce the time needed to move between the two cities in complete comfort," Karim, a student, told Magharebia. "Moreover, it is eco-friendly since it runs on electricity." Aliae Bidoui, 20, is a Sale student who attends Souissi University in Rabat. She said the tram will bring a welcome change to her arduous commute. "I lose no end of time on my journey. It takes me an average of three hours a day for the round trip, and that's without including the wait for the four buses I have to catch. I think the tram, which will just reach the university neighbourhood, will resolve the problem. And I'll be able to keep on with my studies," she told Magharebia.

Ticket prices on the new tram concern some potential riders, however. Tickets will cost between 6.50 and 7 dirhams each, Rabat-Sale Tramway Company director Loubna Boutaleb said. The price is currently less than the 8 dirhams currently needed to journey from Sale to Rabat, she said. The fare has been designed to meet two major constraints – affordability for users and the financial needs of the tramway required to function, Boutaleb said at a March 30th press conference.

"It's good that we'll have the train. But it still needs to be within the reach of the majority of the population," said Ahmed Garouji, a Sale commuter who works in Rabat. Other potential riders are

Concerned about how drivers will adapt to the new railway system."Some reckless drivers using the same route as the tram will definitely cause problems," Karima resident Ahmed told Magharebia. "There should be a solution to this." Boutaleb promised future riders that an awareness campaign will be launched to encourage drivers to "adapt to the new situation".

I-Comprehension: ( 15 points)

Answer the following questions:

  1. How much did the tramway cost?
  2. What is the aim of the testing phase according to Mr. Mghari?
  3. What are the two benefits of the project according to Karim?

Are these sentences TRUE or FALSE ? Justify(  2 points)

  1. Moroccans are longing to ride the Tramway.
  2. Alia bidoui makes a comfortable commute to Souissi University in Rabat.

Complete the following sentences from the text. (  3 points)

  1. The tests in the neighbourhood of Karima are intended to.........
  2. The number of the commuters will reach ......per day.
  3. Certainly, careless drivers ...

Pick out from the text expressions which show that : (  2 points)

  1. The tramway won’t harm the environment.
  2. The ticket is cheaper than the price needed to go from Sale to Rabat.

What do the underlined words in the text refer to? (  3 points)

  1. It :...................
  2. The two cities : ...........
  3. She : ...................

Find in the text words or expressions that mean the same as: (  2 points)

  1. The security ( paragraph 2)=....................
  2. The cost ( paragraph 5) =.................

LANGUAGE (15 points)

A- Put the verbs between brackets in the correct tense:  (3 pts )

  1. Morocco ( produce) _____ 40 °/° of its energy needs via solar energy by the year 2020.
  2. The tramway (leave / already) __________ when we arrived at the station yesterday.
  3. It’s cloudy and windy, it _________ ( rain) soon.

B- Rewrite the sentences beginning with the words given: (3 pts)

  1. UNESCO awarded Morocco the Confucius Prize for Literacy in 2006..
    Morocco ……
  2. “ Morocco will step up efforts to  eradicate illiteracy”, Khalid Naciri said.
    Government spokesman Khalid Naciri vows that ………
  3. I forgot to turn off my mobile phone while in the meeting.
    I wish ……

C- Fill in each gaps with an appropriate word from the list:  (3 pts)
Pay –   show up  -  fulfill -  sustain  -  improve – catch up

“We can have the most dedicated teachers, the most supportive parents, and the best schools in the world – and none of it will matter unless all of you ___________ your responsibilities. Unless you _____________ to those schools; ____________attention to those teachers; listen to your parents, grandparents and other adults; and put in the hard work it takes to succeed. “, said Barrack Obama

D- Fill in the gaps with an  appropriate word or expression from from the list: (3pts)
  along with- although – in spite of – however – although – therefore – so as to -

  1. __________________ Aicha Echchanna’s association has alleviated the situation of single mothers, they are still rejected by society.
  2. Skilled professionals emigrate to  Canada_________________ benefit from higher wages and better way of life.

E- Match the words that go together to make appropriate collocations: (3 points)

1.  equal

2. Adult 

a- gender
b- citizenship
c- illiteracy
d- opportunity
  1. .................   2. .......................

F- Match each expression with its appropriate function : ( 2 points)

1. I’m not sure I got your point. a- Expressing lack of understanding
2. It’s crystal clear that Morocco has developed recently b- Making a suggestion
3. I’m sorry to say this, but this camera doesn’t work. c- Expressing certainty.
4.What about going for a walk? d- Making a complaint.

WRITING (10 points) You don’t have a tramway in your region. Write an email to the mayor of the city council telling him about the advantages of this means of transport. (Approximately 300 words)

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