Global English TEST N°7

Global English test N°7

This is global English test N°7. Do it and click on the Key Answers link to check your answers.


 Read this text:

The International Conference on Population and Development ICPD calls for four major programmatic actions.

1-The Eradication of Illiteracy: a number of demographic and health studies have provided some evidence to show that wherever a woman has achieved an eighth grade education, she has half the number of  pregnancies as her uneducated sister. There must be a concerted effort to ensure that every child in the world has an opportunity for at least a basic education. And special attention must be given to extending this opportunity to girls. For mainly it is the girl child who has been denied and deprived of the fundamental human right of a basic education.

2-Full Employment Opportunities for Women :studies have also shown that wherever women are empowered to participate in the paid economy of a country , they opt for a smaller family size than women who don’t have paid employment; they become a more important part of family decision making , and they achieve gender equality that matters more. There is no rational explanation or excuse for gender inequality or inequity in a world where women perform two-thirds of the world’s work, earn only ten per cent of the world’s income, and own less than one per cent of the world’s property. This problem has to be addressed.

3-Reduction of Infant Mortality: where parents can be reasonably assured that their children will survive beyond age five, they again opt to have fewer pregnancies. Substantial progress has been made in the area of reducing infant and child mortality and morbidity. We have seen some of the impressive declines in fertility rates in the very same countries that have made the greatest progress in lowering infant and child mortality.

4-Universal Access to the Knowledge and Affordable Means by which to Prevent Unintended Pregnancies: family planning options should range from natural methods, for those for whom they work, to more medically approved methods. More research is required to develop an even wider variety of safe, effective means of mobilization on the matter. As family planning methods are available, we can go a long way toward assuring that couples have only the number of children they want to have and are able to nurture and care for. The key to stabilizing our human numbers can be summed up in a single sentence “every child, a wanted child.”

Accomplishment of  these goals will see world population leveling off at around eight billion, or even less, rather than what some demographers believe could be 9.5 billion or higher. A concerted effort by national governments as well as by civil society to transform the Cairo ICPD rhetoric into reality will lead to the improvement of the quality of life on this planet. Such an effort is essential to the realization of development goals for those countries currently on course to double their populations within the next 25 to 30 years.

A- Say whether these statements are true or false: (3 points)

  1. The more educated women are,the less pregnancies they have.
  2. Nowadays, all girls are allowed to go to primary school.
  3. Men and women earn the same income for the same amount of work.

B- Answer these questions according to the text: (3 points)

  1. Why should we focus mainly on providing basic education for girls?
  2. How does the reduction of infant mortality lead to less pregnancies?
  3. What is the result of achieving the four development goals mentioned in the text?

C- Find in the text words which mean the same as: (3 points)

  1. Elimination (paragraph 1):
  2. Choose (paragraph2)
  3. Child ( paragraph 4):

D-What do these words refer to? (3 points)

  1. she (paragraph 1):
  2. this (paragraph 2): 
  3. they (paragraph 3):   

E- Complete the following sentences according to your understanding of the text: (2 points)

  1. Studies show that literate women have half ………………………………………….
  2. Girls have been denied ………………………………
  3. Family planning methods include both……………………………………………….

II-LANGUAGE: (15 points)

A- Match the two words to form two collocations : (1.5 points)

  1. highly
  2. cultural
  3. health
a. technology
b. aspects
c. care
d. skilled

B-Fill in the blanks with the appropriate phrasal verbs from the list: (3 points)

take off - hand in - ask out - put on - lock in - call in - check in - find out.

  1. It‘s cold. Why don’t you …..your jacket?
  2. Mr Gibson always …….his wife ……… to the restaurant on weekends.
  3. Alan was the first student to ………the solution to the problem.

C- Rewrite the following sentences as suggested: (3 points)

  1. She was lazy. That was why she didn’t do her homework.
  2. A group of scientists will do a new experiment on global warming.
    A new experiment on global warming…
  3. “We found a new evidence. We will tell the press in due time. “
    The detectives announced that…

D-Put the verbs in brackets in the correct form: (3 points)

  1. Mr Nassiri was tired. He (work)…………..……. all day long.
  2. By next week, Leila (send) …..... all the invitation letters for her wedding party.
  3. She had already  prepared dinner when her husband (arrive) ..........

E- Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list : « who, where, whom, which, whose, when »(1.5points)

  1. Many people ……..are intolerant fail to see the importance of human relationships.
  2. People need to belong to a family …….can support them during the hard times.
  3. A democratic country is an ideal place……….people can develop their potential.

F Join the following sentences using the words in brackets : (3 points)

  1. Latifa was usually late for work. Her boss dismissed her. (as a result)
  2. Many people leave their country. They don’t want to die during civil wars.(so as not)
  3. He has so many problems these days. He is always smiling . (although)

III- WRITING: (10 points)

You have read an article about gender equality in a magazine. Write a letter to the editor of the magazine giving your opinion about the importance of equality between men and women.

Good luck!!!

Key Answers to Global English TEST N°7

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