Global English TEST N° 17

I –COMPREHENSION: (15 points)

In Britain, a recent Market Research society survey found that only 10% of husbands help with the washing and ironing. Two in 10 do some of the cooking and just under half manage the shopping. Anne Wicks, a director of the society, says, “It’s just not true that today’s woman is turning her back on household *chores and child-rearing to find fulfilment and self-expression outside the home. Being a housewife is not a thing of the past. It’s not that women are no longer at the kitchen sink but that nowadays they are under the impression that they should not be there.”

Britain’s “Mrs Average” is Rosalind Hines, a 33-year-old mother of two young children who lives in Islington, North London. The insurance company, Legal and General, who scoured their computers to find her, gave her this name. It was part of a publicity campaign to show how much a man would have to pay other people to do the work of his wife if she died. The total was £370.25 a week: a man’s average weekly wage is rather less – at £205.20.

“So-called equality is such a long way off,” says Rosalind. ”I don’t see myself as a housewife. I’m a full time mother. I’m not here for the chores; I’m here for the kids. This is the hardest job I’ve ever done and you’re insulted with titles like Mrs Average – i.e. dull and ordinary. You’re treated as if you’ve lost your brains along with giving birth.  I do most of the everyday chores. But I don’t do anymore than most women – and some of them have a career as well. My husband Chris does his bit when he’s here and I’m lucky he doesn’t have expectations of what life should be like in the home like many other men.”

So, why do women still assume responsibility for the household chores? We asked our psychologist Dr David Lewis. “It’s these expectations that cause problems,” he explains. “If a man was brought up in a home where his father was waited on his hand and foot, he may come to expect the same kind of treatment. In addition, women do feel more guilt about housework than men. If a woman goes out leaving the bed unmade or brings friends home and the washing up is still in the sink, she may feel guilty – a man usually won’t.

Often housework is tied with a woman’s ideal image of the person she wants to be seen as – a good woman, a good wife, a good mother.”

A- Choose the right answer from the list given( 1 pt)     
The text is:  

a- letter       
b-  A story
c- An article                
d-  A book review 

B- Which of the following would be the best title for the passage? ( 2 pts)

  1. Women and power.
  2. Women in the past and present.
  3. Housework: whose job is it anyway?

C- Answer these questions (4 pts)

  1. Is Anne’s husband one of the 10% of men who help their wives? Explain.
  2. David Lewis suggests two arguments to explain why women still assume responsibility for the house work? What are these arguments?

D- What do the underlined words in the text refer to? (2 pts)

1. There.  (paragraph 1)…………                             
2. Them (paragraph3)……………

D- Find in the text words or expressions meaning the same as: (2 pts)

  1. salary  (paragraph2)   ……………
  2. Regarded    (paragraph3) …………

E- Complete the following sentences ( 2 pts)

  1. ......., ........., ......... and ............, are some of the chores the “new man” is expected to do.
  2. 90% of British men don’t ...

F- Are these sentences true or false? Justify ( 2 pts)

1. A recent British survey showed that men prefer managing the shopping to doing the washing or the ironing.
2. Ann Wicks believes that nowadays women are more concerned with being working mothers than housewives and full-time mothers.

II-Language: (15 marks)

A- Replace the wrong words with correct alternatives. Write the correct alternatives in the boxes below.(2 points) 0.5 each

Africa's efforts to (achievement) sustainable (develop ) have been hindered by conflicts, (insufficiency) investment , limited market access opportunities and corruption, unsustainable debt burdens, historically declining levels of official development (assist ) and the impact of AIDS.

Wrong word achievement develop insufficiency assist
Correct alternative ... ... ... ...

B-Fill in the blank with an appropriate word from the list: (2  points) 1 each

Equity / coexistence /   appropriate / -initiative / tolerance / cooperation
The world must always remain an example of ------------1--------------- between Christians, Jews, Muslims and people from other religions where there is a place for everybody. The world must also be a land of -------------2------------- where the faithful can freely and respectfully worship.

C -Match the words that go together to make appropriate collocations. (3  points) 1 each

1. Gender
2. Communication
A- citizenship
B- technology

D-Put the verbs in brackets in the correct form: ( 4 points )  1 each

  1. Ask the kids to stop (make) ...................... so much noise.
  2. The children were so tired because they (play) ...................... all the day.
  3.  By the year 2020, computers (replace) ......................teachers in school.
  4. Girls in rural areas should (send) school.

E- Rewrite these sentences as suggested. (2. Points)

  1. The government has introduced a new plan to eradicate illiteracy.
    A new plan ...
  2. Although Zahra’s parents were illiterate, they sent her to school.
    In spite of...

E- Join The pairs of sentences with the words given. ( 2 points )  1 each

1. He stays up late. He wants to take part in chat groups on the internet. (so as to)


3. The weather was bad. So, we didn't go on an excursion. ( due to)


III - WRITING:(10 points)

''Do you think that technological inventions have made life easier?''

Write an article to your school magazine giving your opinion and supporting it with examples (approximately 200 words)

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