Global English TEST N° 15

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     Twenty years ago, many university students believed that once they had graduated, their education was complete. They would get a job and all they had to do was to work hard with the same employer until it was time to retire and rest after long years of work. Today, work isn’t like that. In the modern world, most young people must expect to change employers several times in their working lives. Many of them will possibly become self-employed, running their own businesses.
     This means that throughout people’s lives they will need to acquire new knowledge and skills from the time they leave full-time education until after they retire. This lifelong learning is necessary because the world of work is changing a lot faster than it used to. For example, nowadays employers often employ staff only on short-term contracts to complete a certain job. This keeps their costs down. Once the job is over, the employees have to look for another organization to employ them on other jobs.
    Aisha, who is married, has two teenage children. She has a BSc in Information Technology (IT) and she would like to go back to work when her children leave home. She wants to catch up with the latest developments in IT and wants to get a Master’s degree in the subject. She can’t leave her family and become a student at a university abroad. What can she do? The answer for Aisha is “distance learning”.  
      Aisha heard of an organization that offered distance learning to students all over the world. The teacher and student are in different places. She enrolled on one of its MSc courses and was delighted with the teaching methods. Aisha’s professors communicated regularly. In the next two years Aisha hopes to get her Master’s degree via using e-mail and video conferencing to get her degree.


A. Circle the main idea of the passage: (1 pt)

a. Full-time education.
b. Information Technology.
c. Lifelong learning.

 B. Are these sentences TRUE or FALSE? Justify. (4 pts, 2 each)

 1. People won’t have the same job all their life.           
 2. Employers save money by recruiting workers for a limited period time.

C. Answer these questions. (4 pts, 2 each)

 1. What is “distance learning”?
 2. How does Aisha interact with her teachers?

D. Complete these sentences from the text. (2 pts)

1 ……….. is learning that goes on for life, from the time you leave full-time education until after you retire.

2. Aisha is studying again so as to ………… and   …………

E. What do the underlined words in the text refer to? (2 pts)

a. they ( p.1) ……………
b. the subject ( p.3)……………

F. Find words in the text that mean the same as: (2 pts)

1. Think or believe something will happen (p.1)
2. Be a member of a course, college (p.4)


A. Rewrite the following sentences starting with the words given. (4 pts, 1 each)

1. The school has organised three conferences.
Three conferences…
2. Many educational projects were realized in our area.
Some people …
3. They are giving him a distinction for all his work.
He ………
4. Although the test was difficult, the students got very high marks.
In spite of ….

B. Rewrite the verbs in brackets in the correct tense.(4 pts, 1 each)

1. Barbara and Tim avoid (speak) ________________ while watching a film.
2. Would you like (come) ___________________ to our party.
3. In 20 years time, life (change) _____________ a lot.
4. Mahmud Darwich (live) _______________ in Al Quds before he left for Paris.

C. Match the words with the appropriate meaning. (2 pts, ½ each)

a.sustainable 1. to know how to use a computer
b. computer literacy 2. obligatory
c. renewable 3. that lasts and continues for future generations
d. compulsory 4. that can be renewed

D . Complete the table with the appropriate information. (3 pts, 1 each)


E . Link the two sentences using the words given. (2 pts, 1 each)

1. Young people are courageous. They show a lot of imagination.
(along with) ….
2 . cities have grown so large. There is more pollution.
(consequently) ....

III . WRITING (10 pts)

“The situation of women has developed a lot. What do you think about it?
Write an article in which you make a comparison between the past and the present”

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