Global English TEST N°13


Text A

Francesco Neto lives with his family in Caisara village, Northeast Brazil. The family cultivates half a hectare of land and they earn about 1.500 US S each year from selling their products in the local markets . Diaconia ( a Tear fund partner) helps them avoid the use of middlemen so they can get better prices. They grow an amazing range of about 50 different species of fruit trees, vegetables, cereals and fodder  plants on their farm, together with traditional plants, which they conserve.

It has not been easy to achieve this as they started with poor soils which had been damaged by the practices of slash and burn and single cash cropping . Neto comments : « I hear of climate change in the newspapers, but I can feel its effects on myself and my crops : The sun is hotter ; the temperature is higher ; and the wind is drier. I hear about the greenhouse effect, desertification and « El Nino ».I don’t understand it but the results are drought in the Amazon , floods in some parts of Northeast Brazil and more whirlwinds. »

Neto remembers that in the 1980s there was a stream running through their farm that flowed nearly all year . In the 1990s the water level fell gradually. This meant that three months after the rainy seasons ended the stream was dry. To help solve this problem the family built a dam in 1999. « Water from he dam is used for irrigation and livestock. We are now irrigating much more than we did five years ago, because it is hotter and drier for half the year . We used to irrigate once a day , now it’s twice, but even so the plants wither. We are concerned  we may run out of water in the future as the climate is now so variable . »
Source: “Footsteps”, Tear fund International Learning Zone, UK,21Feb, 2007

Text B

Some children have disabilities or learning problems which make the learning process more difficult. Wise is an eight years old and arrived from another refuge two years ago. His speech difficulties are partly caused by emotional stress due to the separation from his mother when he was very young and also due to the mistreatment in the other refuge. At first, he could not communicate properly, so it was hard for him to make friends and enjoy games with other children at CAF. He often felt sad and lonely. A family from a neighbourhood heard about his situation and invited him to stay with them for a weekend. Even though it was hard for them to understand him , they kept encouraging him, talking to him, and gave him lots of attention. Over time, this relationship and support raised Wise’s confidence and self-esteem which enabled him to socialise better  with the other children.
Source: “Footsteps”, Tear fund, UK

Text C

Seelampur Shanty town is home to 25.000 people . For the past seven years the toilet facilities were neglected , dirty and enfested by pests. Two years ago, both the roof and the floor caved in. Seelumpur ‘s women’s group (mahila mandal) had been lobbying local authorities for many years to try to get new facilities . During election time in 2003 they increased their efforts . When the local councillor began her campaign, the mahila mandal’s women told her that she wouldn’t receive their support until an agreement was reached  about new toilet facilities . A new toilet complex was soon promised. However, the battle did not end there . The women had to visit the councillor and slum department regularly , persistently knocking on doors until work began eight months later .
Source: “Footsteps”, Tear fund, UK

A- Skim the three texts and match  the numbers with the letters :   (3pts)

Titles Texts
1- Working toward Urban renewal
2- A home for the homeless
3- Living with climate change

B- Read the texts A and B and complete this chart: (3pts; 0.5 pt each)

Name Problem Faced Cause of Problem Effect of problem



C- Are these statements TRUE or FALSE ? JUSTIFY 3pts; 1 pt each)

  1. The host family couldn’t understand Wise because he spoke a different language .
  2. Francesco’s family get water from wells to irrigate their crops .
  3. Women’s group didn’t participate in the elections so that the local councillor would build new toilets in their town , Seelampur .

D- What do the underlined words in the text refer to (1.5 pts; 0.5 pt each)

  1. it   (text  A)
  2. They ( text B )
  3. Work  (text C )

E – Find in the text words or expressions that mean the same as: ( 1 ,5 pts. 0.5 each )

  1. Become dry or dead (text A   ph 3 )
  2. Because of ( text B )
  3. Fell down ( text C )

F- Answer these questions in your own words: (3 pts; 1 pt each )

  1. How could Francesco’s family get a good price for their crops ?
  2. What did Wise gain from living with the family who hosted him ?
  3. Who helped the women’s group to build up new toilet facilities in their town ?


A). Choose the appropriate answers to  complete the sentences below    (3pts  each)

  1. ..

.. is concerned with the individuals’ rights and duties towards their  countries .
    a) partnership - b) citizenship - c) friendship - d) relationship.

 being illiterate and inexperienced, Zaina was able to manage her dead husbands’ business.
    a) along with - b) while - c)despite - d) due to
  3. “The football match will be put 
 till next Sunday if it rains tomorrow .” the coach told me.
    a) out - B) up - c) up with - d) off

B) Fill in the blanks with the correct words from the list below (3pts; 1 pt each)

renewable - right - civic - elimination
  1. Children are taught to love and serve their countries through 
  2. "Poverty ......... should be a priority to all governments" a senator said.
  3. The sun and the wind are basic sources of 

C) Give the correct form of the verbs between  brackets (3 pts; 1 pt each)

Soon after I ........ (drop) out of school, I began (work) ...... for a non - governmental  organisation. But in a month’s time , my contract (expire) .... said a young girl.

D) Rewrite these sentences as suggested: (3pts; 1pt each)

  1. We have to preserve our environment “ stated an activist.
    Our environment.........
  2. “ why don’t you  accept the offer ? “
    My colleagues advised me......
  3. An urban company cut down  all the trees in a forest.
    The urban company shouldn't .......

E) Give the correct form of the words between brackets (1.5pts ; 0.5 each)

The aim of (feminine).............. as a (move).............. is to (establishment)............. equality between  men and women.

F) Communication

a. Match the functions with their labels .2pts

1: Sorry to have to say it, but you are disturbing us.
2: I’m awfully sorry I didn’t come on time.
3- Living with climate change
a. Apology
b. Regret
c. Indifference
d. Complaint

b) What would you say in this situation ?1pt

Bank clerk: “What do you need the credit for ?
You: ....( express purpose )


Use the table below to write a report about the Marakech cinema festival to your school magazine.


Ministry of culture


Cinema in Marakech : Advantages and drawbacks ...... Rewarding the best Moroccan films


May the 20th


Town Hall conference room


Actors, film directors, critics ,audience and jury


300 people approximately


Watching and evaluating Moroccan films, Awards delivery

Main ideas

Positive and negative points of cinema in Marrakech : -Cinema promotes tourism in Marrakech  -Negative influence of cinema on young people  - Cinema contributes to the economical growth of the city  - It provides  jobs for the craftsmen  /  undercutting  handymen  .........   Delivering prizes to successful Moroccan films : Prize for the :  Best main role  / Best supporting role – Best scenario.......

Evaluation and Reactions. (You may add yours)

Festival : fruitful and successful Participants
:Some satisfied with results other disagree

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