Global English TEST N°12


My name is Carol Robinson. I am Scottish, but I live in New York. It is a very big city in the United States of America. I am fourteen years old and I am a student in class nine. My school name is George Reed high school. I speak two languages: English and French. My favourite subject is Maths and my favourite sport is volleyball.

I like my classmates. They are very nice with me, but Nancy is my best friend. She is a very good student. She loves Computer Studies. At the weekends, she plays computer games. They are fantastic!

I have four brothers and two sisters. We are a large family, aren’t we? My father works in a bank and my mother works in a school. I love my family so much. At the weekends, we go to the cinema together.

Tick √ the correct answer: (1pt)

Carol’s mother is:

1. a nurse
2. an engineer
3. a teacher
4. a doctor

Write “True” or “False” , Justify your answer: (3pts)

  1. Carol likes Maths.
  2. Chemistry is Nancy’s favourite subject.
  3. At the weekends, Carol and her friends go to the cinema.

Answer the following questions: (3pts)

  1. How old is Carol?
  2. What class is Carol in?
  3. What nationality is Carol?

II- Language

Put the verbs  between brackets in the correct tense (simple present or present progressive)

  1. Nancy is in the theatre. She (watch) …a play.
  2. Leila usually (get) ... up early.
  3. Look at Kate! She (wear)...a beautiful dress.

Complete the right form of to have. (has to, have to, don’t have to, doesn’t have to)

  1. He’s a world champion. He train every day.
  2. They are rich. They … to work.
  3. He’s a student. He …to study.

Fill in the blanks with “much”, “many”, or “a lot of”

  1. Do you have…friends?
  2. There are …..pens in my pencil case
  3. There is not ... bread in the kitchen. You have to buy some.

III- Writing

Write a paragraph about what you do every weekend.

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