Business Vocabulary

How can I improve my business vocabulary?

How can I improve my business vocabulary

English in the world of business

English has become a requirement for anyone who wants to interact and compete in international business. Whether you want to impress a potential multinational employer or you have a job that needs regular international business travel you need to be able to communicate fluently in English. On a different level, companies that have the intention to develop their products to meet the international demand may also require employees to master English as a language for international business. 

One of the skills you need to develop is building a core inventory of business vocabulary. 

The following sections provide seven tips that will allow you to improve your business vocabulary.

7 tips to improve your business vocabulary

Here are7 tips to improve your business vocabulary:

1. Read business news

Reading business news helps you develop the language you need for business. Fortunately, there are a lot of websites offering news and reports about business, finance, and entrepreneurship. 

You can use the following page to get the links to the most influential online news. 

You can also use the following website to get informed about the latest business news: 

You might also prefer to download news apps that are much more convenient for reading while you are on your way to work.

2. Watch business news

For more contextualized business vocabulary, you may turn to TV news. This will inform you about how and when business vocabulary is used. 

YouTube business Channels are lso ideal for vocabulary development. There are thousands of business YouTube channels that one can learn from. All the major news providers such as BBC, CNBC, Bloomberg, and ABC have their YouTube Channels. They provide both live news and important reports for subscribers free of charge.

3. Radio and podcasts

Listening to English radio channels may also help you develop your business vocabulary. There are a lot of apps that provide international podcasts and radio channels for free. Listening to these podcasts and radio channels allows not only to stay connected to the international news but also to learn new vocabulary incidentally. TuneIn is an example of these apps. 

4. Play word games

To learn while having fun, try word games such as:

  • Scrabble 
  • Word search
  • Crossword puzzles

They are a fun way to expand your English vocabulary. While playing these games, it would be helpful to take notes and keep a list of the words you have learned.

5. Use mnemonics

A mnemonic technique is a system of word association that assists information retention or retrieval (remembering). For example, if you want to remember the colors of the rainbow you can use the first letters of the words in this sentence: "Richard of York gave battle in vain". (i.e., Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet)

6. Take premium courses

If you have the means, premium courses can be another option for you if you want to go a bit faster in your learning process.  

7. Practice

It is not enough to understand new vocabulary; you have to actually use the newly acquired words in real situations (i.e., in speaking or in writing), especially in your everyday work, during your conversations with colleagues and peers. You may also use them in your business presentations. Practice them in different contexts till you feel confident using them.