Writing Tasks! Are They Time Consuming?

Apart from the fact that it is an opportunity to have a feed back, writing activities are productive tasks that bear some incredible positive learning results. It is a window through which we learn more about our students. Not only their level of language mastery, serving as diagnosis , but also their personality, their interests,  their way of thinking … It is an open  mine of information that the teacher shouldn’t miss for any reason.

The downturn is that writing tasks take too much time that most English teachers reduce the frequency of its
assignment to leave room for other activities. That was my case and I admit that reducing the frequency of writing assignment is a huge mistake. So I thought about the issue and limited my goals as follows:

  • Writing should be assigned frequently
  • It shouldn’t take too much time when it isn’t assigned as a homework.
  • writing tasks must be effective (it should teach learners something)

Then I thought of ways to attain these goals:

  • Writing tasks should be integrated into other activities such as reading, listening activities ..
  • They should be short assignment.
  • They should involve all learners in individual, pair, or group work.
  • They must be motivating.

In my next post I will write about the activities that I developed and  want to share with you.

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