Writing a Group Poem

Writing a group poem lesson plan

This lesson plan encourages fluency, team work, accuracy,  and allows learners to their feelings. The activity is best done in groups of 4 students.

The activity

  • Open a discussion on a subject of interest to the students. (e.g. the environment, family, love…)
  • Encourage students to express their inner most feelings about the topic.
  • The class is split into groups of 4.
  • The class must agree on a title.
  • Explain that each group will make a joint poem
  • Each student will write 2 lines.
  • The group must then decide on the order of the poem (which lines come first, which next…)
  • Group editing using dictionaries and other resources. They check spelling, grammar, punctuation…
  • The groups’ poem is handed in to the teacher.
  • A representative of each group reads out each verse.
  • The class decides which poem is the best.

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