World Cup Activities and Ideas For English Language Learners

World Cup2014 in Brasil

Activities and Ideas For English Language Learners

World Cup Activities and Ideas

A world sport event like the world cup is a motivating topic for English language learners. You will find below a wide range of ideas and resources about football and the World Cup.

World Cup Activities and Ideas

  • Present your favorite player!
    •  Bio
    •  Stats
    • Predictions
    • Video  interview
    • Time line
  • Make a list of three of your favorite teams.
    • Prepare fact sheets about these teams:
      • previous participation
      • weaknesses
      • and strengths
    • Prepare  information about the countries.
  • Make a list of your favorite players
    • Who are they?
    • What are their personal achievements?
  • Footballers wages
    • Do some research on footballers wages
    • Conduct research on the average wages in underdeveloped countries.
    • Compare!
    • What do you deduce?
  • Plan the next World Cup!
    • Budget
    •  Concerns
    •  Public  transportation
    •  Accommodations
    •  Stadium
    • Safety  concerns
  • What are your predictions
    • Which team will win the cup?
    • Why?
  • Produce the next World Cup official song
    • Lyrics
    • Music
    • Clip
  • Produce the next World Cup video
    • Shots  of  the  host   country
    • Host  country’s   culture
    • Past  World  Cup   moments
    •  Country’s  flag
    •  Fans
  • Football and respect

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