Word Prediction Lesson Plan

Vocabulary Prediction Lesson Plan

These activities can be used to refine understanding of students vocabulary schematic knowledge and activate vocabulary related to the same semantic network. They can be done as pre-reading activities or as a game.

Pre-reading activity

  • The teacher tells the student that they are going to read a text about for example environment.
  • The teacher writes the topic on the board.
  • Students predict the vocabulary items that may appear in the passage.
  • The teacher writes the suggested words on the board and asks for the reason of the students’ choice of words or for the meaning.
  • Students are then given a passage to check their prediction.

Prediction game

  • Divide the students into small groups.
  • The groups may be given a short lapse of time to generate as many words  related to the topic as possible.
  • Groups then compare their lists of words explaining or defending their choice of words.


An important element is that students should explain their choice of words. By doing so they are not only refining their understanding of the vocabulary items but also activating other words in the same semantic network.


Predicting which vocabulary will appear in a text:

  • The teacher gives the title or topic of a reading text and a list of words.
  • Students then go through the list in small groups predicting which words will appear in the reading  text.
  • Students must explain their choice.

Predicting the topic

  • The teacher writes some key words related to a topic on the board.
  • Students are asked to predict the topic of the text they are about to read.
  • After the students have predicted the topic, they can be asked to predict other vocabulary items related to it


These activities help students to:

  • reinforce understanding of vocabulary,
  • activate the existing semantic networks,
  • facilitate automatic lexical access.

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