Women in History Lesson Plan

Women in History

In this activity students are encouraged to do a research and write a biography about a prominent woman who made history.

The activity

  • Ask Students when the International Women’s Day takes place.
  • Ask about what the celebration stands for.
  • Students read a text about a prominent woman. This is a list of websites providing interesting material about women. More links can be found at Larry Ferlazo.
  • Provide a form for students to fill (see the form bellow.)
  • Ask students to do research about a famous woman.
  • They write a biography about the famous woman they did research about.

The form

Name ________________________
Date ____________________

Women in History – Biographical Data Form


Pick a woman who helped shape history and write a short biography about her life using the following guidelines.

Name :_______________________________

Year of Birth: ________________

Place of Birth: ___________________________

Who did she help? :_______________

State their single greatest accomplishment:____________________

Describe the accomplishment in detail: _____________________________________



How did she achieve this feat? __________________________________________



Year of Death (if applicable): ____________________

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