Why do teachers teach?

My teaching experience

If teaching is stressful, financially less rewarding, why do teachers teach? It is a legitimate question!

In the beginning


I remember being forced to be  a teacher. For a poor young person with no other alternatives to earn a living, teaching was the only solution. At that time, in my home country (Morocco), the only way  for a graduate to find a job was to enroll in public utility jobs. The opportunities were slim. So I passed an entrance exam with flying colors and was appointed in a very far rural area in the south of Morocco.

Immediately after I started to wonder whether I was made for that job! The answer was yes and no. Yes, because teaching has given me an opportunity :

  • To learn for the rest of my life. Teaching is an open source of learning experiences. I was willing to learn.
  • To stay in touch with the youth.

I also thought that teaching was not my cup of tea as it is:

  • not really financially rewarding
  • very tiring and stressful

But why am I still sticking to the profession?

That’s because my insights about the job have changed enormously!

  1. Teaching is not about money.
  2. Teaching needs a generous heart; one which gives without waiting to be rewarded. Selfish people can never be good teachers. Altruism is a key element in the profession.
  3. It is a gift before it is an art.
  4. It is about experiencing a variety of situations. Every session, every lesson , every student is  unique.
  5. Teaching is about learning. A teacher is an eternal learner.
  6. Teaching is about communication.
  7. Teaching is about sensitivity. A person without the ability to sympathize, empathize, and listen will be a failure in the job.

3 thoughts on “Why do teachers teach?”

  1. Teaching is not about the money. It’s about making a difference. It’s knowing everyday that there is at least one child out there that is better because of your efforts.

    There is no greater happiness than knowing you have the capability of meaning so much to someone.

  2. I agree with all your reasons for teaching, I would like to add my own; to give a change to those who have never had one and show them that they are bigger than the obstacles ahead.

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