What they didin’t tell you about teaching

What it means to be a teacher…

Have you ever asked yourself what it means to be a teacher? Teachers with a vocation know that it means hard work. But not everybody knows this truth. Not all parents. Not all students. Sometimes, you suffer not from the stress but from the ingratitude, not from the piles of students sheets on your desk that need marking but from the things you missed to teach, not from the lesson plans you have to prepare everyday but from the unmotivated students, not from your friends’ parties that you miss but from the one-sided love you feel for your job. Teaching is not what they may have told you about. It’s a different kind of job, a weird heart-breaking  job. But why do we still teach? It’s a love story with a beginning but no end…

Here is a presentation about the things they didn’t tell you about teaching.

  • the love and the heartache
  • the hard work and the ingratitude
  • the success and the self-awareness
  • the students and the mission
  • the stress and the lifestyle

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