Vocabulary Review as a Time Filler

Vocabulary Review as a Time Filler

When you have a list of vocabulary items you want to review, this activity is perfect as a time filler. All you need is to prepare cards with the words you want to review. Here is how you can proceed.

The activity

  • Have one student come up to the board and select one of the vocabulary words.
  • Give the student 2 to 3 minutes to draw a picture representing the selected word. He or she is not allowed to give hints to help the classmates guess what he or she is drawing (letters, numbers or symbols.)
  • The classmates try to guess the word and can call out their guesses while he draws.
  • When a student guesses the word, he or she takes a turn by selecting another card.

It would be a good idea to add  new vocabulary to your card collection as you proceed in teaching new vocabulary throughout the year.

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