Tips to Start a Blog


Blogging is becoming a very popular on line writing tool. People blog:

  • to organize their ideas,
  • to promote their businesses,
  • to write down their personal thoughts,
  • to reflect on life,
  • to write about works of art,
  • to talk about their hobbies,
  • to share photos,
  • to share videos,
  • or just to share recipes.

Steps to start a blog

Starting a blog is pretty easy. So let’s get started to create your own blog.

  1. Find your niche
    First you need to choose the topic you feel you are interested in and that allows you to continuously write posts on. Many bloggers stop posting because they find little to write about as the subject matter they chose in the first place to write about is not motivating enough for them. So take some time to brainstorm the different fields you are keen on writing about. For example, if you are a dedicated teacher, you may want to write about teaching, telling readers about your professional experience, or just sharing interesting links, materials and resources with your followers. So it depends on your interest to find your niche.
  2. Choose a hosting site
    The next step is to find a blog hosting site. The most popular free hosting sites are and
    You may also want to buy a space in a web server. If you do so, you’ll be able to download the WordPress blog software and install it in your server.
  3. Design
    Most blog hosting sites will allow you to choose among various free themes or templates for your blog. While choosing a theme, bear in mind that your blog must look professional enough to attract readers
  4. Content
    Content is a crucial step.
    a. Provide interesting content in order to attract readers. No one will ever care about reading your entries if your posts do not provide unique and interesting information. Great content will also help you get respectable traffic from search engines.
    b. Also try to update your blog  quite often so as not to lose followers.
    c. Interact with your readers through comments.
  5. About
    Write a brief biography to let readers know who you are.
  6. Traffic
    In order to bring respectable traffic to your blog you need to:
    a. provide interesting content
    b. join blog communities like blogcatalog or mybloglog to get initial blog traffic to your site.
    c. work on seo (search engine optimization.) A lot of tips can be found in the web. I recommend Problogger which provides a lot of interesting tips for both professionals and beginners.
  7. Monetize
    Blogging takes so much time and effort. You may want to monetize your blog just to pay for the hard work. You can do so by publishing ads on your blog. Sign up for Google Adsense or join an affiliate marketing program such as Chitika.

I hope these tips will help you start a new blog. Good luck!

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