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Problem Solving and Tips For Better Ideas

Problem solving

The integration of problem solving skills in education seeks to produce competent problem solvers who are willing to take action and come up with creative ideas. In fact, encouraging our students to be able to come up with new original solutions to problems is one of the key elements in any successful educational system. These skills constitute a major step in training learners to face the challenges of the real world.  Here are some tips that can help learners in the process of  generating better ideas.

Better ideas

How to come up with new original ideas?

It’s a process that involves various cognitive and affective factors. Here are some tips.

  • Brainstorm
    • Don’t dismiss any ideas because you think they are irrelevant or worthless.
    • Criticism of ideas is banned in the beginning.
    • It’s only later that analysis and evaluation of ideas come to play.
  • Trust yourself when taking decisions.
  • Take action and approach the problem from different perspectives.
  • Share your ideas with others and be open to criticism
  • Be ready to reconsider your ideas if you see any shortcomings.

Here is a video which presents some of these ideas:

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