Jack C Richards

Thirty Years of TEFL/TESL: A Personal Reflection

A personal reflection on language teaching by Jack C Richards

This is an interesting article about the history of  foreign and second language teaching by Jack C Richards. It is a personal reflection on the state of art.  Listing the things that have contributed to the major changes in the profession, Jack C Richards says:

…new curriculum frameworks currently being implemented in different parts of the world include competency based, genre based, and content based models. In many countries English is now being introduced at primary rather than secondary level necessitating considerable new investment in textbooks and teacher training. And among the innovations that teachers are being asked to consider are Multiple Intelligences, Co-operative Learning, Task-Based Instruction, and Alternative Assessment.

Here is the link to the article:

Thirty Years of TEFL / TESL: A Personal Reflection

This is an interesting book by Jack C Richards.

Methodology in Language Teaching: An Anthology of Current Practice

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  1. BRAHIM says:

    Thanks for the link! This is a comprehensive look at English language teaching changes throughoiut the last thirty years.

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