The chaos theory and language teaching

Chaos theory

The chaos theory and language teaching

The edge of chaos is a blog by Willy Cardoso about complex theory and language teaching. It was originally a Pecha Kucha presentation he gave he gave in 2012 IATEFL Conference in Glasgow.  The blog includes 20 pages to explain some key concepts of complex theory and their application to language teaching and learning.

The edge of chaos index:

01. intro
02. clockwork world?
03. linearity
04. unpredictability
05. false notions
06. new metaphors
07. self-organization
08. butterfly effect
09. emergence
10. decentralizing
11. social being
12. consciousness
13. traffic jam
14. learning route
15. lock-in
16. tefl qwerty
17. on rules
18. art of teaching
19. whole-ism
20. closing

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