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Teaching conditional type 1 lesson plan

Conditional type 1 lesson plan based on discovery learning

This is a conditional type 1 lesson plan. The lesson is based on a discovery learning approach to language teaching. It involves consciousness-raising activities to help the learners to notice the structure and use of the conditional sentence type one, followed by appropriation tasks, the aim of which is to practice the control of the target structure. The lesson ends with a free production stage where students are encouraged to automize the use of language.

  • Level: intermediate
  • Materials: none
  • Objectives: to be able to use conditional type 1 correctly and appropriately.

The stages of the lesson

This conditional type 1 lesson plan includes the following activities:

  • Review of the simple future and the simple present.
  • Reading a text:
    • for comprehension
    • to notice the target structure and its use.
  • Hypothesizing
    • form and use of conditional type one.
  • Practicing
    • Matching the ‘if clause’ with the ‘then clause’
    • Putting verbs in the correct form
    • Sentence completion
  • Personalizing
    • What will you do in the following situations?
  • Free output
    • Political debate (if you vote for me, ….)

Conditional type 1 lesson plan

As mentioned before this conditional type 1 lesson plan starts with a review of the simple future and the simple present.

Review of simple future and the simple present (form):

Underline the verbs in the simple present and circle the verbs in the simple future:

  1. I will not do all the housework by myself! I am not your puppet.
  2. A: I am really hungry.
    B: I will make some sandwiches!
  3. I will send you the information when I get it.
  4. I don’t like this town, but I will not leave until I finish the job I was assigned to do.

Complete the chart with the verbs you underlined

 Positive Negative
Simple present …


Simple future


Read the text and answer the comprehension questions:

The box

Jane has just received the visit of a total stranger who gives her a mysterious box with a button and makes the following offer to her:

If you push the button, two things happen. First, someone, somewhere in the world, whom you don’t know, will die. Second, you will receive a payment of one million dollars. Tax-free. The payment will be delivered by me in cash to you.
There are, however, three restrictions:
1. You are not permitted to know any information about who’s making the offer.
2. You are not permitted to discuss the details of this offer to anyone except your husband or wife.
3. You have 24 hours to make your decision.
Otherwise, the box will be reprogrammed and the offer will be made to someone else.


  1. Who has visited Jane?
  2. What offer does he make to Jane?
  3. What are the conditions that Jane has to abide by?


Underline the verbs in the simple present and circle those in the simple future

Complete the chart


Checking + Whole Class Correction

Read the sentence below and answer the question: (timing 1 min):

If Jane refuses,  the offer will be made to someone else.

  • Is it possible that she refuses the offer?
  • If she refuses what will happen?

Read these statements and answer with true or false? (Timing 1 min)

  1. Conditional type one is used to talk about impossible situations.
  2. Conditional type one is used to talk about past situations.
  3. Conditional type one is used to talk about real and possible situations.


Match the first part of the lesson with the second part

  1. If you accept the offer,
  2. If you refuse,
  3. You’ll get nothing
  4. The box will be reprogrammed
  1. the offer will be canceled.
  2. you will be rich.
  3. if you decide to decline the offer.
  4. if you tell somebody else about the offer.

Put the verbs between brackets in the correct tense

  1. If I …. (study) hard, I … (pass) this year’s exam.
  2. If I …. (go) to Paris, I …  (visit) the Eiffel Tower.
  3. If he …. (get) my email, he … (send) the information we need.
  4. If I … (get) the money, I …. (buy) a mobile phone.
  5. If the weather … (be) fine tomorrow, we … (go) on a picnic.

10. Complete these sentences

  1. John will be healthier if…
  2. If I finish my homework early, I …
  3. If the little boy feels hungry, he …
  4. She’ll get the best mark if …
  5. I will continue my studies in France if …
  6. I will buy a new mobile if …



11. What will you do in these situations? (timing: 3 min) (Give each group a situation)

  1. What will you do if you pass the exam? If I pass the exam, …
  2. What will you do if you meet your favorite Moroccan actor? If I meet my favorite Moroccan actor…
  3. What will you do if you have a birthday party?
  4. What will you do if the weather is fine tomorrow?
  5. What will you do if you wake early next Sunday?
  6. What will you do if you get a 1000-dirham present on your next birthday?

Free production

Elections Day

‘Live political debate’

A – You are members of political parties:

  1. ‘Tajine Party’,
  2. ‘Fish Party’,
  3. ‘Juice Party’
  4. ‘Ice Cream Party’.

B – It’s the night before the general election, and it’s the last chance for the main parties to convince voters to vote for them.

C – You have a few minutes to decide on your policies and how you will convince ‘the public’ to vote for you.


‘If you vote for us, we’ll give everyone a free tajine on their birthday.’

‘If you choose their party, they will steal all your money.’

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